The approach to involve the community is multi-faceted. The TAC is a group of airport stakeholders who have been asked to volunteer their time to aid in the development of the Airport Master Plan. The TAC will be convened for four meetings to review draft chapters as developed by the consultant team. The same draft chapters made available to the TAC will be posted to this project website.

There will be three public information workshops during the master planning process. The workshops will be conducted in an open-house format where the public can visit with the project team and ask any questions they may have related to the project. The workshops are typically scheduled in the early evening to allow those heading home from work to stop by or to allow others to come after the dinner hour. The date and time of the workshops will be advertised locally and posted on this project website.

Any interested citizen is encouraged to provide comments and suggestions to the project team.

Comment sheets are provided to the TAC and at the public information workshops. Citizens can also utilize the ‘Comment’ feature on this project website. Direct communication with the project managers via phone or email is also acceptable. The project managers for the Airport Master Plan are listed in the Contacts section of this website.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will also make a video presentation of each public information workshop available for those unable to attend in person. After reviewing the video, you are encouraged to provide feedback and any comments through the “Comments” tab at the top right of the page. We would encourage you to submit feedback within two weeks of the workshop.


There will be a Public Information Workshop held Weds., September 27, 2023, from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm at the Lincoln Airport Terminal Lobby, located at 2400 W Adams Street in Lincoln, Neb. For more information, see the ad below (click for PDF).

Below is a PDF of the first TAC Presentation, held January 20, 2021. Click on the image to view or download the PDF.

Below is a PDF of the second TAC Presentation, held July 15, 2021. Click on the image to view or download the PDF.

Below is a PDF of the third TAC Presentation, held March 23, 2022. Click on the image to view or download the PDF.