Situated on approximately 5,000 acres, the Lincoln Airport (LNK) is a vibrant and highly diversified facility owned and operated by the Lincoln Airport Authority (LAA). LNK supports commercial passenger airline services for the Nebraska State Capitol and the University of Nebraska, is the home of the world renowned and largest family-owned maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) operator, Duncan Aviation, and is the base for the 155th Air Refueling Wing (155 ARW), which currently operates the Boeing KC-135R Stratotanker and the Nebraska National Guard. At 1,000 acres, the LNK Enterprise Park is one of the largest industrial parks in the Midwest. A recent study calculated LNK’s annual economic impact at $1.27 billion dollars for the local community.

Below is a short video highlighting existing facilities at the airport.


The LAA is undertaking an update of the Airport Master Plan to evaluate the airport’s capabilities and role, to forecast future aviation demand, to plan for the timely development of new or expanded facilities to meet demand and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) design standards, and to ensure the airport maintains economic self-sufficiency.

The Master Plan follows a structure established by the FAA. Key components of the study including the aviation demand forecasts and the Airport Layout Plan (ALP) drawing set (technical drawings of the current and planned airport layout) will ultimately be reviewed and approved by the FAA.

Draft project materials will be made available on this site as they become available. A Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), comprised of various airport stakeholders including representatives from airport management, airport businesses/tenants, the Nebraska Air National Guard, Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) Division of Aeronautics, City of Lincoln Planning Department, the University of Nebraska, and national aviation organizations.



The next public information workshop will be held Weds., Sept. 27, 2023. (See ad below — click for larger PDF — or visit the Public Involvement page for more information.)

The workshop will cover the final two chapters of the master plan: the Recommended Master Plan Concept (Chapter Five) and the Financial Management and Development Program (Chapter Six).

  1. The Recommended Master Plan Concept provides both a graphic and narrative description of the recommended plan for the use, development, and operation of the airport. Additional tasks to be covered include an environmental overview that identifies potential environmental issues associated with the recommended concept and land use management techniques that could be applied to promote land use compatibility.
  2. The Financial Management and Development Program analyzes the costs associated with the recommended plan. Specific project costs are established for the development of a capital improvement program (CIP) that ensures logical staging of improvements.

Master Plan Documents

The newest updates to draft working papers—Chapters 5 and 6—are currently available on the Master Plan Documents page.

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